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2 years ago

Arab Sex - Sharmota

Donna and I had to speak a couple of days via the Internet, more and more developed in the well, since our chat and friendship began to change things and we are sexy talking sharmota about the kind of sex that the two enjoy, then we are near the Humber bridge on Sunday night around 8 to 12 arranged in 00, which was first 7-45 around, thought is a waste of time and I will not be is crumbling, then watch donna about 8-10 arrived and parked the car in a very good looking young woman, sharmota much younger looking tits of his 36 years, blond hair long necklace, a beautiful blue eyes, and a pair sharmota of dying (40 less), this young man had an hour to meand I am, oubting Di, seems to be out of my car and approached her, a kiss sharmota on the lips and enjoy heavy sharmota a good feeling naughty large breasts and said damn gorgeous and how did please me had appeared, was his answer, I prayThe thesis that I had hoped, , we drive the short distance to the car park to begin our fun, but it was like someone giving away £ grades 5-00 that there were people everywhere, so he decided that rugby club parking lot where he knew was coming by car quieter, n donna as we parked and came and sat in the car, we had sharmota our second kiss, boy or the kiss of my tail contractions went away, and as he kissed each body is felt, then, did not return to many people, but was received, the next hour and a half people walking dogs, we sat there for 1 1 / 2 hours groaping and feel each other to stop, and that the people walking their dogs, , which is darker and have been reduced to serious things started, fingers and lit fuckingher pussy my finger into Donna Donna Clitty and get my dick, she was so wet, his pride and his nipples Clitty where the largest I've seen, very well every time sencative groaped her pussy and squeezed her breasts, she would respond by the soft lightMoaning and groaning, rolling their hips together, n , it was night more than 90 to 40 from 10 to 12 00, to walk along the road leading to the beach to catch the evening with a beautiful finish as Donna doggy style leaned forward in the bank, then fuck me, a couple passed by, he stepped on the pavement below us and began takinf photographs of convicted Humber Bridge sharmota say that where disappointed would be an understatement, donna in front of me, put feet and my hands began to play with her ​​large breasts and kneaded her nipples, went back and began to Donna, my cock, sharmota handjob, a then moved to a wooded area, small and put the blanket on the ground, asked Donna to be fucked by my dog ​​'s dick pussy donna the entrance of the cave in this wonderful wet donna disappeared in 4-5 minutes met my thrusts and your sperm is cuming dripping from her pussy, I and pulled me down to lick his face clean, it is very wet and wonderful pussy licked me until clean Donna, The whale, the king returned to the car donna told me that tonight is her first dogging experience, they have gathered will be organized, but Donna has a time and place tells me that she gets fucked fantacy to 02. 03 guys in one night, 1-2 Matba it could with some suggestions on where to take donna a little fun on a summer night soon? or even if sharmota one of you to enter the place for us and for the fun of traveling in your own home, in the trunk and the trunk at the base donna to meet me, peterjf23hotmail. com

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